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still no dylan

emailed the post office 2 days ago. well now 3 as its like 3am. got a reply that was basically my message cut and pasted back at me. today/yesterday i received a message from the local post office on my cell phone! a message! my cell phone! dont waste my minutes first of all. i contacted you by email for a reason! & the message was extremely hostile!
they basically said i was wrong, and that they deliver my mail every day, and that its impossible for her not to have delivered it because they check their vans when they get back...um if she's stealing then she's probably not retarded enough to leave them in her van. but that's not what really upset me;
ok, a bit ago, lots of my mail got "returned to sender" including various dolly items as well as my fiancee's CREDIT CARD! nothing was returned. we know b/c the credit card wasnt coming from the company, it was coming from my fiancee's mother (they still have his old address and she was fowarding it) but she got nothing back. i even got the dolly items replaced free of all charges. then one day, more than a month later, everything showed up in our mail box (some opened)!
the mail lady on the phone told me that this did not happen!!!!! how can she say that something that i know for a fact happened- have photographic evidence of (b/c i took pics of all the mail showing up in one day and the openness) never happened. its fucking ridiculous!!!!!
and then she goes on about how i really dont need to call her back! why, because what im claiming couldnt possibly have happened. the post office is perfect- beyond all flaws.
im furious! she should never have called my cell phone, and to disregard my claims like that is stupid as all hell! i could accept it if she called back saying that she was sorry for the inconvenience or confusion, but maybe we just dont get that much mail (though in my old apartment, we got pounds of junkmail on a daily basis) that would have been ok but no, she was a cunt! oh i wish you could hear the tone of her voice! its not possible. she checks. the mail gets returned to sender. bitch bitch bitch.

& i emailed the seller of the item. cus i know its more likely to be his fault that this particular item hasnt shown up yet. he said he'd double check a few days ago. i emailed him back today or yesterday asking him if he double checked yet. no reply yet. gah...id rather just file a dispute and say fuck it...but i dont know how to do that.

life sucks. i want my dolly. its only $6...most of it on shipping...ridiculous again, i know...& i really dont want the money back, just the dolly.


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