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im pissed off

i was watching a set of bratz all night & this morning that just ended i bid. i was the only bidder. it was at 8, i bid 10.02 (cus im crazy but if someone bid just 10 i win!)
at the last 2 min i add another bid of 11.11. this brings the total of bids on this item up to 2. it says so i clicked it and looked around and everything.
30 seconds/ i refresh just in case. i am still the only bidder, what could go wrong?
sorry you have been out bid
WTF!!?!?!?!?!@?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?1/1`/!?!@!@?!?.TW3g eiuonqeo8bt9h;ablw ijrsnvejmo;ail er5ntu9se5 '0
im angry but whatever. then i closed the page and went about my business- for all of 4 seconds before i realized something didnt look right on that page!!!
i go back and under bids it says 6!!! are you saying that 4 people hopped on right as it was ending and managed to get their bids in in the very last 32 seconds???? that would be just ridiculous! and it went for 15 flat, which is much over 11 (cus dont ebay go up by .50 increments?)
well to my ever more pissy surprise, the bids werent all at once, they were spread out- even in between my bids!! and they werent there before. when i woke up this morning, i was still winning it for 8 flat and even when i placed my second bid to make sure id win it was 8 flat. i dont understand!!!!
i was so cautious in this auction! i never manage to get on ebay for the last few min, and for this one i knew i had to (cus im addicted to kidz and i need them, lolz)
it just really pisses me the fuck off that that bid is there in between my 2 cus it didnt show up at all before!

this and shit like this are the reason i got out of dolly shit online. people are fucking assholes and ruthless bitches. (tho i was on this one form and people were like oh no you deserve the doll and i was like wtf? nice people in the dolly world? did i step into the twilight zone?)
but everyone else sucks
and it really sucks that none of the dolls i collect are readily available in any sort of store. my one bratz kidz source is closing (damn kmart) and good luck finding pullips anywhere! so when im out of the online dolly world, im pretty much out of it all together.

situations like this and my previous shipping errors (you know just a month ago, i tried to get back in again and bought some stuff that showed up as an empty package with a large hole in it because the seller didnt pack anything properly and it just ripped right out the flimsy packing) i didnt complain cus it was only a dollar, but it made me sad and i put the dolly things down again. now the second i try again, im shot down in a similar manner.
im very sad that they're stopping the bratz line/ and theyve already stopped making good kidz dolls. and they may stop pullip too, which leaves me with only ebay and other sketchy means of procuring dolly items.

sorry for all the crazy rambling, i would have rambled at my fiance but my phone's dead and it had to come out right away!


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