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i have not posted in forever!

i have no pictures.
i do have much more stuff!!!!
much much more!
ive figured out i have like 70+ littlest pet shop toys- holy shit- could have totally gotten like 3 pullips with that money! oh well...
got lots more bratz kids
and a few more bratz- i have um...1, 2, 3, 4...10 now! hoo ray 10!!!
kids...have 3 of the snap on ones- 1 sasha- she was my first kids doll ever- sham i got into the thing just as they were ruining it. recently got a yasmin pop/rock/ballet star thing with the snap on legs cus it intrigued me. and just today, i got a chloe with the snap on hair because it was just too rad! i love it!!! ive put one of the hair dos on the dylan- he looks totaly emo, lol- emos...but he fits in with the pullips better. 16 of the kids all together
i really want the families one with portia and yasmin
and the really rock jade
and the fragrance sasha
may also want the really rock chloe
and both the porcelain ones
got a my melody barbie to steal the clothing for my my melody pullip. she looks so cute! saved the doll, dont know what im going to do with her. still need to put together the barbie elphie and galinda. maybe i'll hack off her arms and make a nessarose.
speaking of nessarose, i got a new cat. her name's nessa, not because she's a cripple, but because ive decided she's my elphaba's sister. my 4 still hate her. but 2 of them still hate jim.
john deer put out some christmas ornaments this year. tiny trucker hats that fit pullip perfectly- got one for 2 bucks after christmas- its chilling on the teyang currently. you know, he still doesnt have a name....he does belong to the boy so i guess i cant name him...tho i can dress him, pose him, have him live in my doll house, and buy things for him...well, that makes sense...right.
printed out paper craft menorah for chanukah
got 2 more ponies- one orangie one and one pink one (christmas packaging so got half off at target 2 days ago)

for christmas/chanukah i have received 8 million decks of cards! 2 sets of normal see through cards, 1 pink, 1 blue. 1 set of coke see thru cards. 1 deck of see thru uno cards. hello kitty uno cards. and littlest pet shop go fish. wtf am i going to do with all these cards!?!?!?! my sims kingdom and animal crossing city folk! hoo ray wii! lots of pajamas from my mother who is obsessed with me owning matching sets- i wont wear them together- she cant make me- i dont live with her! pic frames- from both my mother and my fiance's mother...some jewelry i cant wear also from the fiance's mom. my ears are gauged-im allergic to silver...you know this...more clothing from my mother, along with nail polish and lip gloss. oh, the boy's mother also gave me cards! christmas tree shaped ones...so many cards!!! and my mother also gaved me moneh! that's money for those of you who dont speak crazy. she was going to buy me a camera, but she doesnt know crap so she told me to get it myself, which i did. today. nikon cool pix s550! 10 amazering megapixels!
aside from the holidays, boy's mother bought ddr hottest party 2 for wii. boy bought the first one! its not so hard anymore- now that im not a human chimney! glad to know it wasnt permanent....
boy also bought night - havent played that yet.
am currently watching dawson's creek- i used to hate that show when it was actually on. never saw it then, just heard the hype and decided it wasnt for me. its actually really good. i really need to get back to sleeping. i havent gone to bed at a normal hour for almost 3 weeks now. damn christmas...



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