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havent been on in a while

been busy with moving.

got a new dollie. not a pullip, a lollipop girl.
they're cute.
no pics for now.

have to say, had a horrible transaction getting dollie.
the bitch went out of town!! i paid immediately. auction said ships right after paid & takes 2-5 days to ship.
after 9 days i emailed her & she said she was out of town.
i paid 11 for shipping. which i thought was outrageous but whatever, for shipping & materials, i said ok, she probably has her reasons, considering shipping time was supposed to be so fast.
but it wasnt
when the doll finally got here, yesterday, after a total of 11 days not counting weekendS, the shipping total was 7 dollars and she had packed it in a free box she had gotten from her grocery store. i know theyre free as im moving and have been going around collecting boxes. & the stuff inside was just newspaper...
i feel like the bitch owes me money. for outright lying & for how long it took to get here...i mean, i expected after it taking so long, that she would have spent more money on the shipping to get here faster, but no, bitch has no respect....if i can find her ebay id again, im going to post a bdd about her...maybe...she doesnt normally sell dollies. im just extremely pissed off!
why does the world feel like it can fuck with me whenever it feels like it.
i never fuck with anyone....
EDIT 12:09 - Here's the bitche's ebay name : kpoverflow


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