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im pissed off

i was watching a set of bratz all night & this morning that just ended i bid. i was the only bidder. it was at 8, i bid 10.02 (cus im crazy but if someone bid just 10 i win!)
at the last 2 min i add another bid of 11.11. this brings the total of bids on this item up to 2. it says so i clicked it and looked around and everything.
30 seconds/ i refresh just in case. i am still the only bidder, what could go wrong?
sorry you have been out bid
WTF!!?!?!?!?!@?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?1/1`/!?!@!@?!?.TW3g eiuonqeo8bt9h;ablw ijrsnvejmo;ail er5ntu9se5 '0
im angry but whatever. then i closed the page and went about my business- for all of 4 seconds before i realized something didnt look right on that page!!!
i go back and under bids it says 6!!! are you saying that 4 people hopped on right as it was ending and managed to get their bids in in the very last 32 seconds???? that would be just ridiculous! and it went for 15 flat, which is much over 11 (cus dont ebay go up by .50 increments?)
well to my ever more pissy surprise, the bids werent all at once, they were spread out- even in between my bids!! and they werent there before. when i woke up this morning, i was still winning it for 8 flat and even when i placed my second bid to make sure id win it was 8 flat. i dont understand!!!!
i was so cautious in this auction! i never manage to get on ebay for the last few min, and for this one i knew i had to (cus im addicted to kidz and i need them, lolz)
it just really pisses me the fuck off that that bid is there in between my 2 cus it didnt show up at all before!

this and shit like this are the reason i got out of dolly shit online. people are fucking assholes and ruthless bitches. (tho i was on this one form and people were like oh no you deserve the doll and i was like wtf? nice people in the dolly world? did i step into the twilight zone?)
but everyone else sucks
and it really sucks that none of the dolls i collect are readily available in any sort of store. my one bratz kidz source is closing (damn kmart) and good luck finding pullips anywhere! so when im out of the online dolly world, im pretty much out of it all together.

situations like this and my previous shipping errors (you know just a month ago, i tried to get back in again and bought some stuff that showed up as an empty package with a large hole in it because the seller didnt pack anything properly and it just ripped right out the flimsy packing) i didnt complain cus it was only a dollar, but it made me sad and i put the dolly things down again. now the second i try again, im shot down in a similar manner.
im very sad that they're stopping the bratz line/ and theyve already stopped making good kidz dolls. and they may stop pullip too, which leaves me with only ebay and other sketchy means of procuring dolly items.

sorry for all the crazy rambling, i would have rambled at my fiance but my phone's dead and it had to come out right away!
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Pictures- i have them!

the living room the living room
new girls and dharma has a new shirt
hat! hat!
was a christmas ornament!
little girls little girls
i love the snap on hair
lucy's bedroom lucy's bedroom
check out the new dresses & dylan in snap out hair
friends friends
they are friends...
the girls the girls
love their new outfits, dont you?
beach girls beach girls
fun stuff
the lolli girls the lolli girls
cute lolli girls in loli!
kids kids
my bratz girsl my bratz girsl
and the 3 barbies i got for clothing purposes
ponies! ponies!
the 2 up front, i designed
lps toys lps toys
so so many
more pets/ kitchen more pets/ kitchen
had to put the pets on a second shelf
mai stuff mai stuff
this is all on the table in the entry way
more more
love sushi on wheels
um..betty um..betty
me gusta snap on heads, lol
the last of it the last of it
mostly my felted stuff...i love to felt...stabby stabby art!

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i have not posted in forever!

i have no pictures.
i do have much more stuff!!!!
much much more!
ive figured out i have like 70+ littlest pet shop toys- holy shit- could have totally gotten like 3 pullips with that money! oh well...
got lots more bratz kids
and a few more bratz- i have um...1, 2, 3, 4...10 now! hoo ray 10!!!
kids...have 3 of the snap on ones- 1 sasha- she was my first kids doll ever- sham i got into the thing just as they were ruining it. recently got a yasmin pop/rock/ballet star thing with the snap on legs cus it intrigued me. and just today, i got a chloe with the snap on hair because it was just too rad! i love it!!! ive put one of the hair dos on the dylan- he looks totaly emo, lol- emos...but he fits in with the pullips better. 16 of the kids all together
i really want the families one with portia and yasmin
and the really rock jade
and the fragrance sasha
may also want the really rock chloe
and both the porcelain ones
got a my melody barbie to steal the clothing for my my melody pullip. she looks so cute! saved the doll, dont know what im going to do with her. still need to put together the barbie elphie and galinda. maybe i'll hack off her arms and make a nessarose.
speaking of nessarose, i got a new cat. her name's nessa, not because she's a cripple, but because ive decided she's my elphaba's sister. my 4 still hate her. but 2 of them still hate jim.
john deer put out some christmas ornaments this year. tiny trucker hats that fit pullip perfectly- got one for 2 bucks after christmas- its chilling on the teyang currently. you know, he still doesnt have a name....he does belong to the boy so i guess i cant name him...tho i can dress him, pose him, have him live in my doll house, and buy things for him...well, that makes sense...right.
printed out paper craft menorah for chanukah
got 2 more ponies- one orangie one and one pink one (christmas packaging so got half off at target 2 days ago)

for christmas/chanukah i have received 8 million decks of cards! 2 sets of normal see through cards, 1 pink, 1 blue. 1 set of coke see thru cards. 1 deck of see thru uno cards. hello kitty uno cards. and littlest pet shop go fish. wtf am i going to do with all these cards!?!?!?! my sims kingdom and animal crossing city folk! hoo ray wii! lots of pajamas from my mother who is obsessed with me owning matching sets- i wont wear them together- she cant make me- i dont live with her! pic frames- from both my mother and my fiance's mother...some jewelry i cant wear also from the fiance's mom. my ears are gauged-im allergic to know this...more clothing from my mother, along with nail polish and lip gloss. oh, the boy's mother also gave me cards! christmas tree shaped many cards!!! and my mother also gaved me moneh! that's money for those of you who dont speak crazy. she was going to buy me a camera, but she doesnt know crap so she told me to get it myself, which i did. today. nikon cool pix s550! 10 amazering megapixels!
aside from the holidays, boy's mother bought ddr hottest party 2 for wii. boy bought the first one! its not so hard anymore- now that im not a human chimney! glad to know it wasnt permanent....
boy also bought night - havent played that yet.
am currently watching dawson's creek- i used to hate that show when it was actually on. never saw it then, just heard the hype and decided it wasnt for me. its actually really good. i really need to get back to sleeping. i havent gone to bed at a normal hour for almost 3 weeks now. damn christmas...
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Havent Posted yet since the move

Everything seems to have fared fine. the bratz are still in storage. i cant wait till were done unpacking!
i hate mess and clutter. its been almost a month and were still not done!

i definitely need shelves here too. not enough room for everything, or anything at all really

here's how the roomboxes are set up now:
(they're back to back)

& that's the new yummiland girl! i like her! well, i love redheads- any shade (as you can tell from the pullips already, i think)

so these take up about 90% of the desk, their clothing lives underneth as well as my sewing machine.
the room they're in is basically mine. it's gunna have all my dolly stuff and all the cat stuff...dont know if that's such a good combination, but meh. i want the cat stuff out of the way. it monopolized all of our previous place and i need people furniture!

& ive gotten a bunch of new stuff as my birthday was just a few weeks ago!

here's a kitchen set cp got me for my birthday!

it came with a barbie that looked like a blonde rachel ray. i hate that woman. she's so pompous. so that barbie must die! lol!
yes, that's a boobie. its a stress ball i got at the flea market! it makes my day! i like to throw it at people!

my new bratz dollie!

i got this from biglots for 8 bucks! she's apparently a yasmine. like the palest one ever! there are 2 more girls in this series and i must have them! i love fancy gothy style! she has blue streaked hair..i dunno if you can see it.

i have decided to start collecting my little ponies again...why do they bring back stuff when i have no money!

aint she cute! i had to buy her cus of the lil grass skirt! apparently, they make clothing- even shoes for the mlp's now! so like when i had ponies, they all had names, but there wasnt a main group or anything...well there is now...this one isnt part of that group...she's a special summer one. that also makes me kinda happy. they're also selling blank ponies online! for customization and whatnot! that makes me happy too cus i used to do that in highschool, and now they're making it easier on me! there's also this fantastic art pony and a 2008 pony i must have, but those are $20 and $15, where the blanks are only $4- less than a normal pony (which surprised me, cus i thought they would over charge on those for the novelty)

& cp aslo got me this dollie as she was on sale!

i really want her for her dress, but im thinking i may use her for a galinda doll as i am going to make that elphie doll eventually. i am! i just need an airbrush...

that's it for now! ive already re-dressed Lucy in that dress, but im eating and my fingers are too greasey to be touching dollies right now. lol.
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havent been on in a while

been busy with moving.

got a new dollie. not a pullip, a lollipop girl.
they're cute.
no pics for now.

have to say, had a horrible transaction getting dollie.
the bitch went out of town!! i paid immediately. auction said ships right after paid & takes 2-5 days to ship.
after 9 days i emailed her & she said she was out of town.
i paid 11 for shipping. which i thought was outrageous but whatever, for shipping & materials, i said ok, she probably has her reasons, considering shipping time was supposed to be so fast.
but it wasnt
when the doll finally got here, yesterday, after a total of 11 days not counting weekendS, the shipping total was 7 dollars and she had packed it in a free box she had gotten from her grocery store. i know theyre free as im moving and have been going around collecting boxes. & the stuff inside was just newspaper...
i feel like the bitch owes me money. for outright lying & for how long it took to get here...i mean, i expected after it taking so long, that she would have spent more money on the shipping to get here faster, but no, bitch has no respect....if i can find her ebay id again, im going to post a bdd about her...maybe...she doesnt normally sell dollies. im just extremely pissed off!
why does the world feel like it can fuck with me whenever it feels like it.
i never fuck with anyone....
EDIT 12:09 - Here's the bitche's ebay name : kpoverflow
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just found out about the gigantical version of these yummy land girls, which are so pullip sized, with a blythe like body!

got one...nikki neoplotian & just won one on ebay dunno what she is, other than a red head, and therefore different than the one sitting on my table.

will have pictures as soon as i find the camera dock. were moving, & my house is a mess! (we actually dunno where we're going next, just almost everything's going into storage for now.)

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still no dylan

emailed the post office 2 days ago. well now 3 as its like 3am. got a reply that was basically my message cut and pasted back at me. today/yesterday i received a message from the local post office on my cell phone! a message! my cell phone! dont waste my minutes first of all. i contacted you by email for a reason! & the message was extremely hostile!
they basically said i was wrong, and that they deliver my mail every day, and that its impossible for her not to have delivered it because they check their vans when they get if she's stealing then she's probably not retarded enough to leave them in her van. but that's not what really upset me;
ok, a bit ago, lots of my mail got "returned to sender" including various dolly items as well as my fiancee's CREDIT CARD! nothing was returned. we know b/c the credit card wasnt coming from the company, it was coming from my fiancee's mother (they still have his old address and she was fowarding it) but she got nothing back. i even got the dolly items replaced free of all charges. then one day, more than a month later, everything showed up in our mail box (some opened)!
the mail lady on the phone told me that this did not happen!!!!! how can she say that something that i know for a fact happened- have photographic evidence of (b/c i took pics of all the mail showing up in one day and the openness) never happened. its fucking ridiculous!!!!!
and then she goes on about how i really dont need to call her back! why, because what im claiming couldnt possibly have happened. the post office is perfect- beyond all flaws.
im furious! she should never have called my cell phone, and to disregard my claims like that is stupid as all hell! i could accept it if she called back saying that she was sorry for the inconvenience or confusion, but maybe we just dont get that much mail (though in my old apartment, we got pounds of junkmail on a daily basis) that would have been ok but no, she was a cunt! oh i wish you could hear the tone of her voice! its not possible. she checks. the mail gets returned to sender. bitch bitch bitch.

& i emailed the seller of the item. cus i know its more likely to be his fault that this particular item hasnt shown up yet. he said he'd double check a few days ago. i emailed him back today or yesterday asking him if he double checked yet. no reply yet. rather just file a dispute and say fuck it...but i dont know how to do that.

life sucks. i want my dolly. its only $6...most of it on shipping...ridiculous again, i know...& i really dont want the money back, just the dolly.
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