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no mail today!
im getting hella pissed off!
i emailed the post office...
dunno what that will do...ima kick that woman in the shin if i find out she's been stealing my shit!
oh well, here are the pictures i promised:
i am far too lazy to resize these pictures so enjoy my cutCollapse )

myspace is broken

hence all my images are broken

i are sad, but you cant see me be sad cus my mood theme dont work

: (

no pictures...:(

but stuff so i has to update.

firstly, i should be getting my first boy kidz soon...hopefully today. im checking the mail every day im so impatient! but i havent checkd yet today cus i think our mail lady is some sort of stoner, cus she arrives later and later every day...and then sometimes not at all.
verry frustrating in the dolly world.
^ i spelled "very" with 2 "r"s! i havent done that since second grade! (i remember mispelling this word in particular b/c my parents still make fun of me for it. but it made perfect sense in my 7-yr-old mind. its "berry" with a "v"!)
well, anyhow im waiting.
i was messing with the pillips yesterday. dharma's leg stains have returned! so she's sunbating again...covered in zit ceam. she makes me so sad. she's so floppy to begin with & now stained again! i love her too much to sell her since she was my first pullip, even though she's a dal, and my birthday present from the fiancee. she needs a new body...but they dont make ones that pale, and i havent ever done a full body paint! i dont know what to do!
I got sick and tired of lucy's wig! i know! it's like what makes her HER. but it's a blythe wig and its too big and it just pissed me off so much when i was trying to position her i just had to take it off. (it was only velcro'd down with stick velcro so it was hella easy to remove, velcro & all) i dont like her original wig anymore so i jacked my fiancee's lead's wig & it just looks too effin cute! i want to keep it. good thing i knit those short wigs! b/c lead looks silly bald or in orange! but lucy was ment to be a blond, so she needs a new wig anyways. but i want one like leads. but blonde- preferably with darke blue lowlights.
need money first..gotta sell some shit. will get to that soon and pics of lucy in leads wig...
why am i never finished?!?!


ok so my girls got some new stuff!

Dharma's outfit comes from some shiny braz doll & her shoes are new and fantastical from someone on lj!

Lucy got this outfit from various places...the top came from a new barbie outfit set i split with my bf, the skirt comes from i dont know & the tights and boots are from same lj seller.

Miwako's whole outfit comes from one barbie. the pink top model hair one...it was just too cute to split up!

ok, so i love love love the bratz kids, and of course, as soon as i get into something, they ruin it. fucking snap-on are all im able to find...except at kmart! (its cus theyre so sucky and dont restock...i got dusty boxes from the top shelf for only $4-5 a piece!
So i have 9 of them now! and decided to do a little photoshoot!

This is all the girls!

The Twins, Mimi & Cici

Phoebe (top) & Dana (bottom) They're best friends and stuff...

Cloe, Amiee, & Sasha

Melody & Meygan- also best buddies

I just like these girls best! their faces are so much sweeter than the rest of the bratz...i think its the eyebrows.

& these girls, Melody, Meygan & Mimi are all fancy-like and like to dress up unlike the rest of the girls, so they all hang out together


Just some pictures:

Ive been buying things...god i shouldnt do that...well, Lucy's room got redone:

the girls are chilling out admiring lucy's new desk. Miwako was quick to steal the new seat!

& i have the 3 bratz girls i talked about yesterday...look who gets stuck babysitting!

the living room also got some new furniture! like the second couch and the lamp! & all those little extras!

& ive also been buying fabric...so i made some crap
but first check out what i managed to crank out of the knitting machine before it kicked the bucket:
(btw, walmart took it back no problems! yay! im buying more dollies today!)

& here are just a few pics from miwako's photoshoots

ack what's this?

is tiger for sexy modeling! lol!

sorry the pics are small...they can be found larger @ mytoyspace


i started off hating the bratz dolls. what was with the ghetto-fied ass and lips? whats with the attitude? theyre like small angry barbies (who i dont much like either). barbies did change their body...smaller boobies & all, but they made her ass bigger! whats with these ghetto asses! seriously, its not just the doll world, i cannot find a single pair of pants that fits right. yes, its nice to cater to big bottomed girls, skinny bitches can suck it, but they didnt have to stop making normal pants either...thats part of the reason i love the pullip. she's shaped like me. normal peoples hips are wider than their chest...but it isnt all in the rear...theyre called HIPS! & i love how the dals are a bit chubby- with their stomach part rounded outwards rather than flat...they are children after all, and im yet to meet a (healthy) child as skinny as skipper...
sorry for my rant...what i wanted to ramble on about were the bratz kids...bratz=ugly...bratz kidz=effing adorable!
seriously, one was onsale a few days ago at target...one of the snap on ones...i gotted a sasha cus she is just so cute! she doesnt have the angry eyebrows that the bigger dolls have....next day, i went to kmart, cus i had seen some on sale there, found another sasha, this one has amazing hair (all curly on top of her head) priced & 17 marked down to 9...then i noticed the marked-down sticker said from 20, not 17 so i scanned it & OMG it was only 5!!!! so i went back and found myself another & scanned it as well, and this one was only 4!!! so i now have 3 of these cuties...2 sashas & 1 chloe
ive decided the first sasha i got is going to remain Sasha. but the second one is Melody. & the chloe is now Amie! I'll post pics soon!!!
Now i still hate bratz. and i hate the bratz knitter...instead of buying another 2 dolls, i bought the knitter yesterday for 9. made 4 hats for the pullips, tried for a fith and it said fuck you. its not looping about 5 of the hooks! i just got it yesterday, i have it all packed away again, i have the reciept...i did use some of the yarn that came with it, but they better take it back. im furious! i could have had 2 dolls! now i have nothing...yes i have 4 hats, but i could have made those out of socks...& theyre for my bf anyhow so i really do have nothing...

oh, and im slowly taking over this journal as my main one...seing as i dont use that at all, i never post shit except for dollies now, but i like the communities i belong to over there...& other such reasons...so there may be papercraft or other nonsensical goodness here besides dolly stuff...but never personal crap...that is not for the internet....


I made a dress

Isnt she pretty? I could never knit/crotchet but i found this fabulous fabric & idk....my journal. i can post whatever i want.

lotsa pictures

I made Miwako a few things...got pics of one of them - a little dress and purse out of this super adorable racoon print flannel...good thing she cant feel the weather.

Miwako and Lucy
Miwako and Lucy
& they have little friends
Miwako's pink racoon outfit
Miwako's pink racoon outfit
& the racoon!
& the racoon!

more picturesCollapse )
also, everything arrived today. i havent uploaded pics yet, but lucy looks so cute in her outfit, and miwako's actually switched into one of the free shirts that came with! & lucy & dharma have both decorated their rooms with the zombuki prints....i have to figure out what to do about feedback leaving....cus i like to do so whenever possible...