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Havent Posted yet since the move

Everything seems to have fared fine. the bratz are still in storage. i cant wait till were done unpacking!
i hate mess and clutter. its been almost a month and were still not done!

i definitely need shelves here too. not enough room for everything, or anything at all really

here's how the roomboxes are set up now:
(they're back to back)

& that's the new yummiland girl! i like her! well, i love redheads- any shade (as you can tell from the pullips already, i think)

so these take up about 90% of the desk, their clothing lives underneth as well as my sewing machine.
the room they're in is basically mine. it's gunna have all my dolly stuff and all the cat stuff...dont know if that's such a good combination, but meh. i want the cat stuff out of the way. it monopolized all of our previous place and i need people furniture!

& ive gotten a bunch of new stuff as my birthday was just a few weeks ago!

here's a kitchen set cp got me for my birthday!

it came with a barbie that looked like a blonde rachel ray. i hate that woman. she's so pompous. so that barbie must die! lol!
yes, that's a boobie. its a stress ball i got at the flea market! it makes my day! i like to throw it at people!

my new bratz dollie!

i got this from biglots for 8 bucks! she's apparently a yasmine. like the palest one ever! there are 2 more girls in this series and i must have them! i love fancy gothy style! she has blue streaked hair..i dunno if you can see it.

i have decided to start collecting my little ponies again...why do they bring back stuff when i have no money!

aint she cute! i had to buy her cus of the lil grass skirt! apparently, they make clothing- even shoes for the mlp's now! so like when i had ponies, they all had names, but there wasnt a main group or anything...well there is now...this one isnt part of that group...she's a special summer one. that also makes me kinda happy. they're also selling blank ponies online! for customization and whatnot! that makes me happy too cus i used to do that in highschool, and now they're making it easier on me! there's also this fantastic art pony and a 2008 pony i must have, but those are $20 and $15, where the blanks are only $4- less than a normal pony (which surprised me, cus i thought they would over charge on those for the novelty)

& cp aslo got me this dollie as she was on sale!

i really want her for her dress, but im thinking i may use her for a galinda doll as i am going to make that elphie doll eventually. i am! i just need an airbrush...

that's it for now! ive already re-dressed Lucy in that dress, but im eating and my fingers are too greasey to be touching dollies right now. lol.


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